April Fools Day lets bad kids breathe

April Fools Day lets “bad kids” breathe

Love and Pursuit of Life April Fools’ Day is said to have originated in France.
At that time, some conservative people did not want to set the New Year on January 1, and stubbornly followed the French calendar on April 1.
To mock these people, those who are spoofed give them fake gifts every April 1st, or invite them to a fake dinner. Once they are fooled, they are mocked as “April Fools.”
  Later, April Fool’s Day became popular in Western countries.
If anyone intentionally decorates the room like Christmas, the guests will wish them “Merry Christmas” when they come, so everyone seems to be back to an exciting and happy Christmas.
This reflects the love and pursuit of life in the West.
They believe that life is also a gift from God to mankind, and can not live up to this kind of good intentions. A happy life is the best feedback and love for him.
And teasing people can bring unexpected excitement and surprise, which is in line with Westerners’ pursuit of happiness.
  Everyone has a “bad child” in their hearts. I don’t know when, we also celebrated April Fool’s Day with great fanfare.
A friend said that their squad leader was not tall and handsome, but all day fantasised that someone had a crush on him.
So on April Fool’s Day, the roommate wrote him a loving love letter, and agreed to meet at 12:30 in the basketball court.
As a result, he went to the basketball court five minutes earlier.
Finally, the roommate texted him to tell him that it was April Fools’ Day.
  I’m afraid we are not unfamiliar with such a fool’s plot, and we enjoy it every year.
This is because everyone has a bad child in his heart, the gloat instinct.
Playing with others is also one of the things this bad kid often wants to do.
The emergence of morality and social rules is exactly to restrain this bad child and prevent him from often going out of trouble.
And on April Fool’s Day, all of you suddenly told yourself that you could play tricks on others without any punishment; so the bad boy jumped out bravely and dared to play tricks on others.
  The world cannot be less humorous. In addition, psychologists who study humor say that humor and entertainment are essential elements in the world, and it makes boring life full of fun.
For example, on April 1st of a year, a science and technology reporter from a British radio station reported that due to strange geological phenomena, the earth ‘s gravity in some parts of the country had weakened.
He asked the audience to jump up and down and call the radio if it jumped higher than usual.
As a result, the radio actually received hundreds of calls, and some people said that they were light enough to float on the ceiling.
It can be seen that on April Fool’s Day, in order to create humor, everyone will find happiness in fooling and being fooled through their imagination.
  Although April Fool’s Day brings us happiness, if it is used excessively, it will affect interpersonal relationships and social order.
There are reports that several middle school students in Nanjing issued water shutdown notices on April Fool’s Day, causing households in the community to use pots to store water.
Therefore, April Fool’s Day joke should not harm others and not affect others’ lives.