Amazing fitness through the city subway MM

Amazing fitness through the city subway MM

Are you a regular subway user?

Do you know that the subway is also a good exercise space?

Check out this MM’s fitness plan below!

  I am a white-collar worker in a company. I have to take the subway to and from work.

Every day I spend two hours in the subway cars and in the corridors.

5 days a week, 2 hours a day, 10 hours in total.

Dozens of hours in a month slipped past.

  After returning to Beijing, the subway life at the beginning was anxious and boring. It seemed that everyone was grabbing a seat in the morning and evening. They were unwilling to move into the carriage at the door, and the crowd behind them pushed hard inside.

At that time I really wanted to use the “privilege” after returning home to buy a ticket duty-free car.

Think of another crime after buying a car, and you have to pay for it yourself every day, and then create disgusting pollution for the city.

But I never want to spend my time like that.

  After shortening my thinking, I started to implement the subway exercise program.

  Nowadays, my formal clothes and leather shoes are generally placed in the office, and I go to work in casual clothes and sports shoes every day.

After waiting for three or four minutes, I started to practice shoulder, back and neck exercises.

The so-called shoulder work is to rotate the shoulder clockwise and counterclockwise.

Back work is to use the waist as the axis to drive the whole body to make large loops.

In addition, you need to touch the ground with both hands, trying to touch your feet.

The principle of neck work is similar to the above, and it repeats revolving movements.

  Try to fold your shoulders forward and fold your chest back.

Repeat 8 times.

Create a “V” -shaped sexy beauty. Lift your right hand and stretch it to your left shoulder.

After putting both hands, hold the right wrist with your left hand, fix it on your left waist or hip, and look forward, with your chest straight, your head slowly to the left, and do the other side after restoration.

(Note: It is not advisable to press the neck down hard) It doesn’t matter if you don’t finish, you can continue to practice after getting on the subway.

  I don’t worry about the strange visions of people around me. I live my life by myself. Does Jun see foreign friends often sitting in masks and riding bicycles through the city?

I hate the exhaust of cars and the pollution of cities. What’s wrong with this?

Of course this does not attract too much attention.

In the subway, you can also massage the abdomen to promote peristalsis, blood supply and digestion, and avoid flatulence.

Urban people really don’t have to worry about the daily subway running. I think the subway passenger is a note in the urban movement. Whether you play beautifully or not depends on your thoughts and actions.

This is my daily life as a subway passenger, a wonderful chapter of a city hermit.