New concept of baby pregnancy after weaning

New concept of baby pregnancy after weaning

When babies are weaned, although parents know it’s time to feed them solid food, the advice they get from relatives, friends, books, and even doctors is often customary and unscientific.

In this case, the food that parents feed their babies is diverse: African countries feed meat, Japan feeds fish and radishes, and France feeds tomatoes.

Is this, Chatinder, a member of the Nutrition Board of the American Academy of Pediatrics?

“These differences are rooted in cultural traditions, not science,” Dr. Bhatia said.

“Pregnant babies after weaning beware of upside down Most American parents make mistakes the first time they feed their children solid food – they start feeding cereals when their children are 6 months old, and then gradually add vegetables and fruits before feedingKids pasta and meat.

  But Nancy, a professor of pediatrics at Baylor University School of Medicine?

Butter pointed out that this approach lacks scientific basis.

Cereals are not the best first food experience for infants after weaning. Meat is the best food.

Unfortunately, parents often rank meat at the bottom of the eating list.

  Boston Children’s Hospital David?

Dr Ludwig explained that cereals are actually one of the most unsuitable food types for infants.

Because the baby’s blood sugar will rise rapidly after eating cereals, which may lead to health problems such as obesity when the child grows up.

  Eating foods that are milder and less irritating has been more susceptible to allergies for many years, and doctors have warned parents that the best way to prevent allergies to children is to give infants only mild, less irritating foods.

But the study found that there is no evidence that children with a history of family food allergies need to do the same.

Thorough doctors suspect that eating non-irritating foods will make children more susceptible to allergies.

Just like vaccination, the right amount of stimulation may not be a good thing.

  Different types of food should be provided to the baby. At the same time, American parents are used to feeding only a few foods to the baby.

Yes, pediatric experts say most babies can safely eat a variety of foods when they are 6 months old.

Ludwig experts, providing any food to children will help them to adapt to different kinds of foods when they grow up, and it is also the key to a child’s healthy diet.

Experts advise that if you have to feed your baby food that has not been eaten before, you can only feed one at a time, and observe whether your child has allergies or indigestion.