Mint porridge clears heat and detoxifies to reduce the chance of infection

Mint porridge clears heat and detoxifies to reduce the chance of infection

“Our people can drink some mung beans and red beans to make soup, or use peppermint, duck pear, and jujube to make porridge, and it is not necessary to drink Chinese medicine soup.

“Liu Qingquan, member of the Expert Committee on the Prevention of Influenza A H1N1 Influenza of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and director of the emergency department of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told the Health Times reporter.

  Liu Qingquan believes that prevention in diet is effective and feasible.

Because the nail sensation manifests as fever, cough, and other fevers, you should pay attention to a light diet and often make food that is hot when you prevent it.

For example, peppermint porridge, porridge with mint, Yali and jujube, soup with red beans and mung beans, all have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and can have certain preventive effects.

  If the nose and mouth are extremely dry, you can use a sterilized cotton swab dipped in sesame oil to coat the nasal cavity, which has a moisturizing effect.

Faced with the various traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for the prevention of A sensations exposed in the media, many people are asking: “Can drinking Chinese medicines prevent H1N1 flu?”

Liu Qingquan believes that these traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions to prevent nail sensation are only suitable for high-risk groups, including those who have been to the epidemic area and who have been in contact with the infected.

Ordinary people in good health do not need to drink Chinese medicine at all. Drinking Chinese medicine when in good health will cause adverse reactions.

  For the phenomenon that many people snap up star anise now, Liu Qingquan also recommends not to eat more, because the safrole dissolving after star anise boiled in water will be poisonous if eaten too much, and stew the meat with star anise to boil the soup and prevent the effect of nail sensation.

  In addition, it is very important to maintain a regular schedule. Many young people have the habit of staying up late. Chinese medicine believes that this is very harmful and upright, and will penetrate the body’s immunity.

  At the same time, maintaining a relaxed and calm mentality is also conducive to improving the body’s immunity.

  Wu Enxiang, deputy group leader of the expert committee for the prevention of type A H1N1 influenza of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that after all, Chinese medicine has not been used to treat patients with susceptibility to influenza A, so the treatment plan proposed by the Chinese medicine is based on the experience of traditional Chinese medicine.It still needs to be improved and adjusted.

  After all, A Sense is an influenza. Traditional Chinese medicine has a complete theoretical system and rich experience in controlling and treating influenza, especially in controlling mutations and replacing immune damage.