[Eat fish to pay attention to, the best fish for children is this!

[Eat fish to pay attention to, the best fish for children is this!

“Children who eat fish are smart.” This phrase is often used by parents to encourage their children to eat more fish.

Indeed, fish are rich in nutrition, among which the rich DHA and EPA can promote children’s brain development and intellectual development.

In addition, the rich protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and various trace elements in the fish meat can provide children with a balanced intake of nutrients.

Although the fish is good, from a safety point of view, it is still necessary to carefully choose the child.

From the point of view of food safety, some fish without interspinous spines (commonly known as less spines) are more suitable for children to eat, such as big yellow croaker, salmon, catfish, belt fish, etc.

From the perspective of the degree of environmental pollution, generally grown seaweeds are more polluted than artificially cultivated seas. Freshwater is polluted, especially in the case of severe environmental pollution in artificially cultivated areas. Children should be avoided from eating these fish.

From the perspective of heavy metal enrichment in the biological chain, it is best to choose fish of medium or lower head. The longer the head of the fish, the longer the growth period, the more pollution elements accumulated in the body.