An ancient new style of yoga!

An ancient new style of yoga!

When ancient yoga fitness became “fire” in the modern city, people seemed to find the best way to balance physiology in the busy life of strife: its reduction, its breathing, its meditation, The most profound experience of the joy and joy of physical unity.

  In the United States, where yoga developed earlier, professional surveys have shown that yoga practice can be very effective in helping to burn excess impurities in the body and eliminate excess diseases.

  The correct posture to lose weight yoga is to achieve weight loss through the head, body and mind. Yoga exercises can also adjust the human endocrine system while losing weight. It is not difficult for those who are new to yoga to realize the targeted nature of yogaAnd effectiveness.

The yoga posture practice method fully reflects its pertinence. Yoga posture exercises include three parts: posture, breathing, and meditation. It is not a simple posture exercise.

When people practice a specific yoga posture, they need to concentrate their consciousness on the place where the body is pulled and squeezed, that is, a part of the body movement of the yoga posture, and then feel this part through breathing and meditation., And even imagine that this part is reaching the effect of weight loss.

  · Various contraction movements in yoga postures, such as the Tadasana posture with arms raised, are very simple, but it can lengthen the muscles of the body parts and accelerate their blood circulation, thereby causing poor burning effects.

  · The movements of the body forward and backward can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, and can stimulate the front and back parts of the body that are slightly easy to accumulate from the inside to the outside, such as the waist, hips and legs.

  · The twisted posture can also effectively reduce the misfortune of the body, help eliminate the misfortune accumulated around the internal organs and maintain its normal function.

  · The body inversion posture is also the best choice and favorite posture for the practitioners to eliminate the extra body.

  Conscious weight loss Many studies have shown that human consciousness can speed up the transformational burning in the body and can effectively enhance the function and effect of weight loss.

The breathing exercise in yoga practice best reflects the uniqueness of yoga for weight loss: each yoga breath can completely affect the internal organs of the body through the diaphragm. Imagine the body is like a balloon, and the diaphragm sinks when you inhale., Massage to the abdominal viscera; when the diaphragm is moved up, the diaphragm is moved up and massaged the upper and lower internal organs, so that the function of the entire visceral system can be strengthened, and the breath and breath movements can make the abdominal muscles exercise well.Practice eliminating aunts and abdomen from the waist and abdomen. Of course, in order to achieve safe and effective practice, you must find an experienced yoga teacher to learn the correct yoga breathing method.

Because incorrect breathing methods can cause stress to the body, affect the effect of weight loss, and even have side effects.

  Through the development of modern yoga, more and more yoga forms are produced, which is more suitable for the lifestyle and requirements of modern people.

You can choose the form of yoga practice according to your requirements and physical conditions. You can recommend, for example, the hot yoga and strength yoga developed from the Hatha system and the Ashtanga system.They are all yoga that can achieve good weight loss.

  · Hot yoga is practiced in classrooms with high temperature between 37 degrees and 43 degrees. During the practice, practitioners will sweat a lot and do yoga breathing. Its detoxification and weight loss are important factors to attract practitioners.

  · Strength yoga and a series of scientifically matched Vinyasa exercises are the best way to lose weight and shape good body lines after losing weight.

Therefore, yoga is a fitness technique that can “sculpt” body lines during weight loss.

Among the many yoga practice methods, you can choose the practice form according to your physical condition and consult the coach.

  In addition, the fasting method in the yoga diet is different from the general diet. The average person can implement a simple and safe “one-day fasting method”. You can choose one day of the week or month and only drink water or juiceUse this method to clean up the garbage in your body and achieve the purpose of healthy human body.

But it is worth reminding that the fasting method of yoga cannot achieve the goal of ultimate weight loss. It is only a method in the diet structure of yoga. Changing the diet structure can achieve the purpose of losing weight, it can change people’s lifestyle, and have a healthyLifestyle will definitely have a healthy mentality and body.