Removing summer foot odor is just five simple steps

Removing summer foot odor is just five simple steps

Say stinky feet are men’s patents?

It is also the heart disease of many sweaty women.

With the rise of high temperature, sweat glands gradually become active, and the secretions accumulated on the soles of the feet are fermented in beautiful but air-impermeable shoes, sour and stinky athlete’s foot is inevitable.

  Sweat feet do not shame, fresh and fragrant feet are not embarrassing in the summer. As the saying goes, smelly men, fragrant women.

But in fact, about women are sweaty feet, damaged by foot odor problems.

Although this is considered human, how can a woman tolerate a relationship with the word “smelly” that covers her nose?

In fact, as long as the following 5 steps are done, it is easy to have dry and fresh feet. The first step is to clean the feet to remove the unpleasant taste. The most basic point is to ensure that the feet are clean.

A hot footbath every night before bedtime can not only relieve the fatigue of the day, but also eliminate the sour smell on the feet.

If you put some petals in the foot bath, or a few drops of essential oil, it will be more perfect.

  The second step is to remove old and dead skin and lightly wash your feet.

Especially for women who like to wear high heels, there is a thick layer of old dead horns on the soles of the feet and heels. If they are not cleaned in time, it is not beautiful, and it will also affect the health of the feet over time.

  The third step is to apply foot care products. Many girls are afraid of trouble, and they are done after washing their feet.

Sweat glands are exuberant in summer, coupled with scorching sun and air conditioning. If you don’t supplement your feet, you will find your feet are drier than winter.

After washing your feet, be sure to apply enough nutrients as you massage your face.

  The fourth step is to breathe freely with thin and light cotton socks and a pair of comfortable shoes, which not only raise your feet, but also absorb sweat and odor.

If you like to wear leather shoes, spray a deodorizing fresh spray in your shoes to keep them fresh and dry.

  The fifth step is to apply a delicate makeup summer to the toes, and the feet are also part of the overall shape.

Carefully apply beautiful nail polish to your toes, and instantly have a beautiful and confident mood.