Learn to deal with interpersonal relationships by type

Learn to deal with interpersonal relationships by “type”

Aggressive: This type of person tends to push people away and end relationships with others by way of attack.
Their tutors are generally harsh. Parents want them to grow up to be an important person, and they will be blamed if they do not do well.
When they grow up, they become both cautious and rebellious, and often have a bad relationship with others.
The harshness of their parents made them want to resist, but their moral concepts did not allow them to resist, so they took the authority of life as their parents to resist, in order to vent their anger suppressed by their parents.
When they grow up, they gradually identify with their parents and use aggressive methods to show others that he is important.
Such a person’s decompression method is: first understand their own characteristics and the reasons for the formation of their personality, and gradually come out of the past, so as to deal with workplace interpersonal relationships.
  Submissive type: Even if someone like this violates his rights, he will have the patience to swallow his voice, not to express his needs, or to defend his own rights. As a result, he often faces the result of ending the relationship with others.
In fact, they may not protect their rights and interests, perhaps because they are afraid and want to please others, but doing so makes others feel uncomfortable.
The decompression method of the submissive person is to dare to express his needs and dare to safeguard his rights and interests, even if he is afraid, he must do it with fear.
Of course, don’t go to the other extreme of the matter, and become an attack on others. As long as you talk with sincerity and sincerity, the submissive person is an important means of resolving contradictions and turning dryness into jade.
  Transcendence type: A person like this, seems to have nothing to do with him, hangs up high, and doesn’t care much about the world around him.
The workplace needs moderate enthusiasm. Such people are easily understood by others as indifferent and out of place, leading to alienation and poor workplace relationships.
The way for transcendental people to deal with interpersonal relationships is to actively open up to others, increase their participation, and dare to express their opinions when necessary.
  Workplace stress reduction involves not only the workplace, but also your entire personality.
Only when the personality is more mature and healthier, can we easily cope with the pressure of the workplace and relax.