Eight kinds of food you can’t buy in the supermarket!

Eight kinds of food you can’t buy in the supermarket!

Shopping in the supermarket has become a common habit. Many people go to the supermarket to buy food, and some people think that the food in the supermarket is fresh and delicious, but many foods cannot be bought. Do you know?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  1. We make dumplings with fine meat stuffing. A lot of meat stuffing is needed when kneading meatballs.

In the past, we needed to chop a piece of meat with a wave of knives. Now the supermarket has saved us a lot of energy and directly provided the chopped meat.

We think that the fine meat filling is made from good meat. In fact, it is made by mixing and grinding various kinds of minced meat.

Not to mention that its ingredients are mainly adults, sanitary conditions alone will make you feel dirty.

Because the minced meat overlaps with the dust from the processing plant, pig hair, etc., but when they are mixed together and broken, we can’t tell the difference when buying.

  2. Antibiotic beef beef is of course our favorite meat. Eating a beef burger is really fun.

However, it is very unfortunate. From the 2010 USDA report of the United States, we learned that the antibiotics and insect repellents that are eaten during the breeding process of cattle. If these drugs are left in the cattle and completely decomposed, we eatAfter entering the body, it will cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system.

  3. Oatmeal containing heavy metals. In recent years, nutritionists have advocated that oatmeal has become a “health product” in people’s hearts.

But the instant oatmeal sold in the supermarket is not only harmful to us, but also harmful.

Because instant oatmeal is generally sweet, high calories are also sustained.

If only this is the case, but after investigation, the content of heavy metal mercury in the high fructose corn syrup that makes instant oatmeal sweet is far beyond the standard.

  4. Frozen fresh shrimp Do you think you really bought fresh shrimp?

In fact, you do n’t know that it has been in the freezer for almost half a year, but it has undergone various potions before freezing. After the treatment with antibiotics, it will not spoil at all.It still looks the same.

The quarantine department found pesticide residues on frozen shrimp, which made it completely unclean.

  5, boxed fresh pork Is there a problem with pork in the supermarket!

Maybe yes, and the problem is not small.

According to a survey conducted by Iowa State University in 2012, because pigs are now fed with too many antibiotics during the breeding process, the problem of antibiotic residues is quite serious, which has led to the increasing frequency of the super pathogen MRSA.Beyond.

The mortality rate of this bacterium has surpassed AIDS.

  6. Canned food Canned food is always considered to be the most hygienic food. After all, pasteurization of canned food is the best sterilization method now.

However, the packaging of canned products is the biggest problem now, because the bisphenol A contained in the packaging will be dissolved in the food.

You may not be familiar with bisphenol A, but I tell you that if you consume it, it can cause abnormal development of the reproductive system, cause secretory flocculation, cause diabetes, and even cause cardiovascular disease.

So see it around in the future.

  7. The must-have items for roasted turkey for Christmas are also unfortunately on the list. According to the researchers, their sampling surveys were shocked because 80% of roasted turkeys are almost as if they were soaked in MRSAThe content of germs is really too high.

This is one of the reasons why the hospital will be full after Christmas.

  8. Refrigerated fruit may be no different from fresh fruit, but its spot check is very bad because the mold is moldy!

Don’t think that it won’t break under low temperature. In fact, it has already grown too many germs.

If people eat it without their knowledge, it can easily cause food poisoning.

  Editor’s comment: Do you feel shocked after reading it?

I believe everyone has bought these things. For the health of yourself and your family, you must remember these foods that cannot be easily purchased, so that you and the people around you can eat healthy.

The must-have items for Christmas are also unfortunately on the list. According to researchers, they were shocked when they conducted sample surveys, because 80% of roasted turkeys are almost like soaking in MRSA.Too high.
This is one of the reasons why the hospital will be full after Christmas.