10 Unspeakable Secrets of Men’s Derailment

10 Unspeakable Secrets of Men’s Derailment

Why are men derailed? In fact, men are not natural infidelity animals. There are too many unspeakable men’s derailments!

Here are ten reasons to analyze the derailment of men’s emotions: I want to prove that my charm is still that men have a period of rebellion between the ages of 40 and 50. This is the so-called “middle-aged crisis.” During this time, men began to questionLife, resist aging.

Especially those men who work hard, they always feel that they have missed the best years in their lives.

It seems that they have never enjoyed life, and what they really love is just this-live in time.

So when they saw young girls, they wanted to start over.

  Adding a Passion to Sex Sex life in marriage is often overlooked by couples who are drowned in daily chores and ranked in a less important position.

When men need more sex and can’t be satisfied at home, the affair becomes a new attempt for pleasure.

  What’s the whim?

You said he just slept with the woman just because he happened to go to a meeting with that woman?

That’s right, this happens far more often than most women think.

For many men, being romantic overnight is nothing extraordinary, and it has nothing to do with their feelings for their wives.

Although this fact is unbelievable, it is true.

  I just want to know the boring life. When a man feels that life has become the same, when it is the same, he is locked in boredom and loneliness, and he will start craving for change, eager to seek adventure.

These men are not going outside to find anything that is missing from their marriage, but just for fun, they can adjust their ordinary lives.

  Evade the pressure Married men fall in love when they can’t stand the pressure of reality.

Falling in love is just to avoid dealing with certain problems in life, because love is like a temporary loss of reason.

  Some men who are scared of intimacy are uncomfortable with true intimacy, so drama, suspense, and the stimulus of double life are very attractive to him.

This kind of man usually comes from a family with well-defined roles—the father is the supplier of the family economy, and the mother is the housewife. Their relationship is not too close.

  Losing enthusiasm for life Psychologists point out that losing enthusiasm for life will inevitably lead men to feel helpless, incompetent, and unable to do anything.

So the easiest solution is to find an understanding and sexy woman . escape the real environment that makes men depressed.

  Revenge your man deliberately If you suspect that a woman is unfaithful to him and cannot forgive her, showing off her romantic history and revenge on a woman, it will become a difficult idea for an angry man to dispel.

  You don’t care enough about him. Maybe you’re too used to your man’s existence, just like the old oak tree in the backyard. You almost forget that he is also a fragile person. He needs company, praise, and comfort.

If he finds this at home, he may bypass you who “sees nothing” and go outside to find another woman.

  It’s also possible to be born with a passion. Your man is born with a romantic seed. This man who likes new and hates the old is not the same as those who use an affair to escape intimate relationships. These passionate prodigals often feel good about themselves but not at all about marriage.Not OK.