[Is it harmful to eat hawthorn tablets during pregnancy?]

[Is it harmful to eat hawthorn tablets during pregnancy?]

Hawthorn flakes is a small food we often eat, especially when indigestion and upset stomach are common, eating some properly has a good effect on promoting digestion, but for pregnant women, when eating hawthorn flakesShould be cautious, especially hawthorn can lead to increased gastric acid, which will aggravate the distortion to more severe compression and compression, and even increase the risk of miscarriage.

1. Hyperacidity: Hawthorn can stimulate gastric acid secretion.

Increased levels of progesterone and estrogen in pregnant women after pregnancy, coupled with other evolving oppression of the stomach, can cause severe heartburn in pregnant women.

If you eat more hawthorn at this time, it will cause a rapid increase in gastric acid and an increase in concentration, which may easily cause nausea, and severe cases may cause peptic ulcer.

2. Indigestion: Hawthorn is rich in a large amount of fruit acid, which has the effect of astringent and stimulating gastric mucosa. Pregnant women have poor spleen and stomach function after pregnancy. Eating more hawthorn can easily reduce digestion and cause indigestion.

The fresh hawthorn is rich in implanted acid, which is too much, and the precipitated acid is easy to combine with the minerals in the human body to form stomach stones.

3. Aggravating dental disease: Hawthorn contains sugars that are prone to acid. These materials are strong corrosive agents and have a corrosive effect on the enamel of the teeth. If they are ingested in large quantities, they can cause dental caries and aggravate dental diseases.

4. Increase the risk of miscarriage.

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, and has an excitatory effect on the uterus. Pregnant women who consume too much can promote uterine contraction and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Especially for pregnant women who have a history of spontaneous abortion or had symptoms of threatened abortion after pregnancy, it is best not to eat hawthorn.

5. Possibility of causing miscarriages. Once pregnant women eat too much hawthorn, they may cause miscarriages, but it is not absolute. Pregnant women should not have a psychological burden. Just pay attention to see if there is any deficiency in the body., You need to go to the hospital for examination immediately.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn “only eliminates no supplement”. During pregnancy, due to changes in body hormone levels, pregnant women’s gastrointestinal function has decreased. Eating more hawthorn can easily cause indigestion and stomach acid.

Hawthorn can stimulate the contraction of uterine smooth muscle, and pregnant women eating a lot of hawthorn may induce abortion.

Therefore, pregnant women need to eat hawthorn with caution.